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Notice to our brides & patrons:​

As you all know, the World Health Organization, CDC, and Government officials are being very vigilant in assessing the potential dangers of the COVID-19 virus. We are taking the potential spread of the virus very seriously. We will be closely monitoring and making necessary adjustments to our scheduling if needed. For right now, to better protect the patrons of our boutique, we will be implementing the following policies, effective immediately: 

Scheduled Appointments: 

  • If you believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment as a precaution and follow the CDC's quarantine recommendations.


  • If you or any of your guests are feeling under-the-weather, have a fever, are experiencing respiratory symptoms, such as a cough or shortness of breath, or any flu-like symptoms we ask that you contact us immediately to reschedule your appointment for a later date.


  • If you have traveled internationally, or have a close family member who has traveled internationally, we kindly ask that you contact us 48-hours prior to your appointment time so we may properly assess the risks that may exist and/or the extra precautions we might need to take during your appointment. 

  • If you feel you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment for your own health and safety, please contact us. 

To reschedule or cancel your appointment:

please call (508) 853-3575 or email: info@shopbeautifulbride.com

Safety is our top priority. To help mitigate the transmission of the virus and to better protect the immunocompromised and higher-risk population, we will be taking the following preventative measures to ensure a healthy environment within our bridal boutique:  


  • We will be adjusting our appointment schedule to allow 30-minutes for store sanitation between appointments. Your appointment will still run for the scheduled duration, either 90-minutes or 30-minutes depending on the appointment type.

  • We will be running a commercial air purifier during your appointment. This air purifier uses a HEPA filter to remove a wide range of air pollutants including viruses and bacteria. This air purifier will be running during your appointment and does have a cool air output (similar to a fan). We recommend your guests bring a sweater to ensure they are comfortable during your appointment. 

  • We will have hand sanitizer available on our front counter for all patrons to use as often as they feel necessary.

  • We will have face masks available, in a limited capacity, if you or one of your guests would like to wear a face mask, please ask.

  • If you or your guests would like to wash your hands, or need to wash your hands, you may do so at any time during your appointment. 

  • We will have disinfecting wipes available should you feel the need to clean your phone or other items your may touch during your appointment.

Due to the social distancing recommendation of the CDC, we will: 

  • be limiting the guest count to 4 people. For the safety of others, please do NOT arrive at your appointment with more than 4 guests. 

  • be suspending bridal party/bridesmaid appointments until further notice.  

  • be limiting in-dressing room assistance and physical contact with brides/bridesmaids

To learn more about the CDC's care recommendations, please click HERE

While we are taking extra health & safety precautions in the interim, we feel it is important to note that the Coronavirus is NOT impacting shipments on bridal gowns or bridesmaid dresses. Our bridal designers have their design operations running as usual and we are receiving shipments on a regular basis. Keep in mind, however, wedding gowns take up to 6-months for delivery! 

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our brides, patrons, seamstresses, business associates, and our vulnerable, high-risk family members. Our hearts go out to all the people affected by COVID-19, we can only try to do our part by being proactive and vigilant. Please stay safe & healthy. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our temporary policy changes or your scheduled appointment, please contact us: 


Phone: (508) 853-3575

Email: info@shopbeautifulbride.com